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Supplier of equipments for food industry
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Stainless steel tank 50 cub.meters, vertical
STEPHAN complete emulsifying line (year 1991, id:1470)
Kustner YH Processed Cheese Wrapping Machine
Press to squeeze the cheese sticks (7797)
Bath cottage cheese ВК 2,5 (2500 liters) stainless (7804)
Universal machine Stephan UMM-SK 130 (7790)
Cheese Vat DONIDO 800 kg - AFK-80, Bulgaria (572)
Seaparator G5-OME-С15 milk cleaner 15000 litres/hours (Russia)
Press cheese tunnel 76 forms (7798)
Separator-clarifier for beer, kvass А1-VPO
Cream-separator G5-OS2-NS
Pasteurizer A1-OK2L-5
Stainless steel tanks 25 m3, steel 12Х18Н10Т
Storage tanks for juice stainless steel jacketed 12X18H10T brand A9-KEN 20 m3
Stephan TC 300 Combicut system / cheese processing machine (7794)
Pasteurization and cooler A1 A1 OPU/15 OCP 25 (7786)
Cooling unit A1 and A1 3 OOL OOL 5 (7784)
Cooling plant OO1-U10 (7782)
Oven for baking waffle cones sugar GAM 12,000 pieces/h (2006, ID: ICE7706) (2)
Oven for baking waffle cones sugar GAM 12,000 pieces/h (2006, ID: 7706)
Homogenizer brand OGA (7748)
Homogenizer for dairy industry K5-OG2-1, 25 (t / h) (7736)
Homogenizer A1 OG2M 2.500 l / h Stainless steel (7737)
Butterheater 2,000 litres for the melting of palm oil in boxes of 20 kg (160108)
Oven for baking waffle cones (7845)
Tanks V2OHR - 50 cubic meters. Stainless steel (thermos, 7876)
Vacuum evaporation plant WIEGAND 4000 (7753)
Buttermaking machine Tetra OTICH spreads to 1000 kg
Reactor 2 cubic meters, covered with blue enamel
Automatic packaging of processed cheese in foil M6-АРУ (7835)

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