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Buttermaking machine Tetra OTICH spreads to 1000 kg

Butter-maker-votator intends to produce all types of butter via the method of high-fat cream conversion, as well as to produce soft margarine by supercooling of margarine emulsion. Each heat exchange cylinder has an individual drive with belt transmission. Special needle-type rotor is applied to improve the consistency of the product.

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Technical features


1 Productivitywhen producing, kg/hour, not less then
  butter “Krestyanskoye” or “Lyubitelskoye”  1000
   sandwich butter 800
  margarine of traditional content 1000
  low-fat margarine 800
2 Operating conditions continuos
3 Installed capacity, not more, kW  18,7
4 Consumption per hour of work in the development of the butter Krestyanskoye
  power, no more than, kW  18,7
  ice water (1 ... 4 deg.), no more, m³ / h  25
  brine (-5 ... 10 deg.), no more, m³ / h


5  Overall dimensions, not more, mm


   length 1500


  height 1250
6  Weight,not more than,  kg 800



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