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Cooler curd 209-ЗТД (7807)


Охладитель творога 209-ОТД

Curds cooler 209 CTD is designed for rapid continuous cooling of curd. It consists of two closed cylinders with a common  hopper mounted on the frame. Inside the cylinders there are rotary displacement drums with lead-in cone. On the conical and cylindrical surfaces of the displacement drums there is a helical screw. Drums and cylinders are equipped with a jacket for coolant in the form of spiral channels. Cylinders are capped.

Cooling Surface, m2 3,7

Rotational speed of the displacement drum, c-10,49

The temperature of the curds at the exit, degrees 28 ... 30

The temperature of the curds at the output, degrees  8 ... 10

Refrigerant, not more than 1

flow rate of the refrigerant, m3 \ h 9

Power consumption, kW \ h 4

Dimensions of the cooler, mm 2060х970х2000

Dimensions of the cooler with a lift 4000х1300х3036

Cooler’s weight, kg 704


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