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Automated milking room "Herringbone"

Automated milking room

Hall milking "Herringbone" - a classic look milking halls

The supporting structure of the hall with an average size of 1,200 places and the angle position of 28 cows, milking a direct corridor width of 2 meters, as well as the expedient and intuitive arrangement of work items allows for freedom of movement and safe operation. With the system in the form of hardware building blocks to easily implement various sizes of halls milking by 2 x 4 and 2 x 12 milking places. Installation of construction is possible both when mounting on the wall and free-standing.

In accordance with the desired level of automation available to provide a range of automation systems milking PULSATRONIK. With the use of control devices Pulsatronik IVF, IVF Pulsatronik Pulsatronik A + and M can take into account the specific conditions of use. Name PULSATRONIK means rational and optimum performance, highly productive management of the entire milking process. Use of the hall intermediate disinfection has long established itself as a reliable and correct solution to ensure the stability of the udder health.

Automatic dodoy milking machines and material removal can be achieved using the cable version, or "hand milking." In addition, the milking room can be equipped with a rotary quick exit. Hall of milking by firmly and steadily, with optimally selected and proven technology nodes, provides high reliability in operation and also when using the clock milking large herds.

Automated milking room

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