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Pasteurization-cooling plant А1 ОКЛ 5/ А1 ОКЛ 10

Pasteurization-cooling plant  А1 ОКЛ 5, photo 1 1

Plate-shaped pasteurization-cooling plants ОКЛ


Plate-shaped pasteurization-cooling plant is assigned for heating, pasteurization, ripening and cooling of a milk in thin-walled closed flow with a full automatic process control. Separator connection is provided.


Plate-shaped pasteurization-cooling plant is used at dairies in skimming stations for separating full cream [whole] milk into cream and skim milk or normalized milk, which is followed with pasteurization, ripening and cooling of a skim milk or normalized milk substitute till the temperature of continuous storage.

Plate-shaped pasteurization-cooling plant is used in equipment room at diaries for pasteurization of a normalized milk substitute when drinking milk is produced. Plate-shaped pasteurization-cooling plant is used in cheese-making industry for milk pasteurization with providing input temperature which corresponds with milk supply to cheese-ma king plant or cheese-making basin.

  • Heat and time regime: Milk 78..80, 90...95 option
  • Product Pasterization temperature, °С: 25
  • Time, sec Discharge temperature, °С: 4...6

Advantages of ОКЛ plants

Energy resource saving

ОКЛ plant has big heat regeneration coefficient. Regeneration section is divided into two parts, which prode correcr temperature of milk supply to separator with the temperature of 95 °С.

Choice of auxiliary equipment

You may point out which type of separator (milk cleaner or cream separator) will be connected to the plant. Depending on this, layout drawing of heat-exchange apparatus will be recounted to keep thermal conditions.

Cream processing

At low fat-content of cream, its amount is enough for economic arranging of heat treatment (heating or cooling) directly in heat-exchange apparatus of the plant. It is implemented via adding the fifth section

Business protection

Used control system on the basis of programmed industrial controller with the visualization of the process, information archiving, certified personnel provides the protection of your business from human factor

Kitting choice

ОКЛ plant may be of different degree of complexity and various kitting: from cheap to the plant of European standards

Technical features

Main parameters ОКЛ-3 ОКЛ-5 ОКЛ-10 ОКЛ-15 ОКЛ-25
Processed product Milk
Productivity, l/h 3000 5000 10000 15000 25000

Regeneration 1
Regeneration 2


Initial temperature of the milk, °С 4 …6
Temperature of milk supply to separator, °С 42…45
Temperature of milk homogenization, °С 63…65
pasteurization temperature, °С 78…80; 90...95 (option)
Time of milk exposure, sec 25
Discharge temperature, °С 4…6
refrigerant Ice water
Delivery repetition 3
Initial refrigerant temperature, °С 0…2
Initial heat carrier steam
Steam pressure in the main of the plant, kilopaska 40 0
Capacity of the electric motor, kilowatt 5 7 7 15 25
steam consumption, kg/h 85 114 227 185 364
Mass, kg 2000 2500 2800 3300 4500

Additional information

Time-heating regime of the plant is pointed for standard implementation. It may be changed from technical tasks of the consumer. There are may be various plants of different types

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