«PROMF» Industry Group
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Supplier of equipments for food industry
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  • PROMF industrial group - supplier of equipment for food industry in Ukraine
  • Recovery food equipment after use
  • Supply of new and refurbished equipment
  • Design complex lines for production of food
  • More than 370 types of equipment for then dairy industry
  • About 300 types of equipment for the processing meat and meat products
  • More than 200 types of tanks and cisterns for foof and other products
  • About 80 types of equipment for the production beer and malt
  • More than 60 types of equipment for cheese production
  • sMoe that 40 types of equipments for the manufacturing of curd products
  • About 30 types of equipment for packaging of dairy products
  • About 80 types equipment for the confectionery industry
  • About 20 types of stuffing mixer of various power and capacities
  • Nearly 15 types of smoke chambers for sausages processing
  • 50 spieces equipment for processing pasta products
  • 60 types of equipment for the production of juice and drinks

New supply of equipment