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Supplier of equipments for food industry
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Catalog equipments

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Dairy factory 30000 l
Drying for milk or whey (id: 181130)
Diesel generator 16kw PAD-163/400 (Poland, 181128-01)
Processed cheese filling and wrapping machine - ARU (18102902)
Butter packing machine - ARM (18102901)
Complete cheese processing line (180912)
STEPHAN complete emulsifying line (year 1991, id:1470)
Kustner YH Processed Cheese Wrapping Machine
Press to squeeze the cheese sticks (7797)
Bath cottage cheese ВК 2,5 (2500 liters) stainless (7804)
Universal machine Stephan UMM-SK 130 (7790)
Cheese Vat DONIDO 800 kg - AFK-80, Bulgaria (572)
Seaparator G5-OME-С15 milk cleaner 15000 litres/hours (Russia)
Press cheese tunnel 76 forms (7798)
Separator-clarifier for beer, kvass А1-VPO
Cream-separator G5-OS2-NS
Pasteurizer A1-OK2L-5
Stainless steel tanks 25 m3, steel 12Х18Н10Т
Storage tanks for juice stainless steel jacketed 12X18H10T brand A9-KEN 20 m3
Stephan TC 300 Combicut system / cheese processing machine (7794)
Pasteurization and cooler A1 A1 OPU/15 OCP 25 (7786)
Cooling unit A1 and A1 3 OOL OOL 5 (7784)
Cooling plant OO1-U10 (7782)
Oven for baking waffle cones sugar GAM 12,000 pieces/h (2006, ID: ICE7706) (2)
Oven for baking waffle cones sugar GAM 12,000 pieces/h (2006, ID: 7706)
Homogenizer brand OGA (7748)
Homogenizer for dairy industry K5-OG2-1, 25 (t / h) (7736)
Homogenizer A1 OG2M 2.500 l / h Stainless steel (7737)
Butterheater 2,000 litres for the melting of palm oil in boxes of 20 kg (160108)
Oven for baking waffle cones (7845)
Tanks V2OHR - 50 cubic meters. Stainless steel (thermos, 7876)
Vacuum evaporation plant WIEGAND 4000 (7753)
Buttermaking machine Tetra OTICH spreads to 1000 kg
Reactor 2 cubic meters, covered with blue enamel
Automatic packaging of processed cheese in foil M6-АРУ (7835)
Machine for horizontal packing (7822)
Dispenser with ice cream fillings for the line ОЛ2-В (7849)
Line of ice cream on a stick (Italy, Eskimogenerator, 7846)
Line of ice cream on a stick Derbi 300 (Eskimogenerator, 7848)
Line of ice cream extrusion type (Italy, 7826)
Extrusion machine for ice cream (7847)
Automatic machine for packing frozen «cake on wafers» (A150818)
Line of ice cream extrusion type SL800
Falling film vacuum evaporationg plant 4 effect 12000 liters hour (L150718)
Cooler curd 209-ЗТД (7807)
Device for cooling curd УПТ (Mitrofanov, 7805)
Vacuum evaporation plant ВИГАНД 2000 (7818)
Vacuum evaporation plant MKT 12.000 kg/h 3-sectional film type (id: 7757)
Spray-type drying unit А1-ОРЧ-500 (7809)
Spray-type drying unit A1-ОРЧ-500 with vacuum evaporation unit Wiegand 4000 (0076)