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Stainless steel tanks 25 m3, steel 12Х18Н10Т

Stainless steel tanks 25 m3, steel 12Х18Н10Т

Vertical tanks with a capacity of 25 m3. Quantity - 50 pcs.,

Sale of stainless vertical tanks, the volume of 25 cubic meters. With a cooling belt, heating.

  • Wall 5 mm
  • Intended for pressure.
  • Production Czech Republic
  • Condition: clean, in excellent condition. Wholesale discounts. We will help with delivery.


  • Steel 12H18N10T.
  • Up to 2 atm.
  • Diameter of 3600 mm.
  • Height 3800 mm.
  • Weight 3150 kg.

With a heating jacket (at the top); With drain lower branch pipe, with the ability to convert into reactors by tapping the impeller of an elementary mixer. Several years worked with a non-aggressive food product, steel in the middle - in perfect condition.


Storage of wine, juices, beer; Chemical and food industry, medicine, microbiological industry, farms, etc.

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