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Dryer stainless steel for casein-150 aircraft assembly (7751)


Сушилка н/ж для казеина ВС-150 в сборе, фото 1

Сушилка н/ж для казеина ВС-150 в сборе, фото 2

Plant for casein drying ВС-150

Technical characteristics of the equipment

Technical productivity kg / h:

by evaporated moisture -150;

at elevated product 110 -150.

Working steam pressure, MPa, less than 0.6.

Installed capacity, kW - 28.5

Overall dimensions of the room (with the cheese-making baths or plant НПК), м 12х6х4,5

Purpose and scope

The unit can be supplied separately from the НПК lines and is intended for drying casein when working in conjunction with two cheese-making baths or  with existing at enterprise НПК  plant.

Price is negotiable.


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