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Stephan TC 300 Combicut system / cheese processing machine (7794)

Stephan TC 300 Combicut system / cheese processing machine (7794)

The STEPHAN Combicut TC System is a multifunctional machine. It is in use successfully for a wide range of applications in the food industry. Besides cutting, mixing and dispersing, heating and cooling can be done in the same system. The integrated vacuum system avoids oxidation and ensures a high product quality

Advantages for your Production:

  • Short batch times
  • Homogenous mixing
  • Efficient cutting
  • Gentle as well as effective heating
  • Constant specific weight
  • Optimal powder dispersing
  • Oxidation is avoided
  • Stable emulsions
  • Constant product quality

Combicut System Stephan TC 300

The STEPHAN Combicut TC combines several process steps in one machine. These are cutting, mixing, dispersing, heating, cooling, deaerating and emulsifying.

The horizontally placed mixing drum in the basis of the machine. A set of cutting and emulsifying knives is driven through the back plane by the main motor, whereas the mixing arm with scraper is activated by a motor through the front cover. The machine is charged by a slide and / or pipe connections. Discharging is done via a slide or a bottom seat valve.

The STEPHAN Combicut TC can be equipped with direct steam injection nozzles and / or a jacketed drum. It can be completed by powder hoppers, liquid vessels, liquid metering systems, a lifting / tilting device, a STEPHAN Microcut and a discharge wagon.

Convenience Food

  • Mayonnaise
  • Ketchup
  • Horseradish
  • Sauces, Dressings


Meat / Fish

  • Surimi
  • Liver pate


  • Dough preparation (TK)
  • Confectionery
  • Marzipan

Technical data Stephan TC 300 Combicut system

Name specifications Value
Drum size 300 l
Batch size 100 - 220 l
Capacity (heavily dependent on product) up to 1200 l
Performance depending on the product and process, kg/h 500-1000
Max. operating temperature 95°C
Energy consumption kWh/h 50 / 58
Installed capacity, kW 75
Number of curd to be loaded in the camera, kg 190
Steam flow, kg / h 130
Tap water consumption, m³ / h 1,1
Compressed air consumption, m³ / h 0,2
Footprint, m 12,3
Overall dimensions, mm 3500х2800х3200
Weight, kg 4400


  • Cutting
  • Mixing
  • Dispersing
  • Emulsifying
  • Direct + indirect heating
  • Deaerating (Vacuum)
  • Cooling

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