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Apparatus for melting cheese curd Б6-ОПЕ-400 (7813)


Аппарат для плавления сырной массы Б6-ОПЕ-400, фото 1

Apparatus for melting cheese curd Б6-ОПЕ-400

Phone: +38 050 63-62-911, Viktor


A plant for melting cheese mixture of the  Б6-ОПЕ-400 brand is designed to melt cheese mixture in the manufacture of a processed cheese.


It consists of a boiler, which is a cylindrical bowl with an elliptic bottom, boiler cover, mixer’s drive, bed with lifting mechanism for boilers), communications, electrical equipment.

Melting is carried out by steam, which is supplied directly to the cheese mixture and to the boiler jacket. The melting process is carried out periodically alternately in each boiler. The process of melting cheese mixture under vacuum is possible – it is to remove the sharp smell of cheese.

Technical features 



 Performance on the molten cheese mass (for the duration of the melting cycle, 15 min.), Kg / hour


 The number of boilers,  pcs



Weight of the cheese mixture loaded into one boiler per melt, 100 kg 


 The melting temperature of the cheese mass, C



The frequency of rotation of the mixer, s: 1/2/3


The pressure of steam supplied to the cheese mixture, kPa, no more than Д


The vacuum in the boiler, kPa



 Steam consumption, kg / h



consumption of a cooling water , l / h



Electricity consumption (with the vacuum pump installation), kW , кВт


Overall dimensions , mm


 Weight, no more, kg


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