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The automated cleaning system is designed to provide CIP equipment and piping rinsing detergents, chemical and thermal disinfection in automatic mode. Installation CIP-cleaning visually displays the entire process on the touch screen "Touch-ssgeen" temperature, concentration, flow rate, level of the cleaning solution tanks, condition of valves, pumps, and other accidents.

Installation of CIP-cleaning is very easy to operate: no keys and buttons. The operator selects the appropriate object for washing (pasteurizer tank, lines and so on.) Touching the contact screen. Moreover, if the object is not ready to the sink (if controllers control panels objects) on the contact screen indicate the cause of the unwillingness not load valve is not repositioned roll, is not allowed washing and so on. When the cause begins washing the corresponding object ordered for a program .

Each object or group of objects has its own washing program, depending both on the necessary steps and time sink, and on the required flow rate, temperature and concentration of detergents and disinfectants. Archiving of washing parameters (temperature, concentration, flow rate and time) leads to their optimization.

The user may specify a number of recipes to change the concentration, temperature, time of washing, the pressure, the volume of the water using a human-readable command; these recipes are stored in the control unit and have their own symbols. Constantly growing demands for hygiene in the food industry make the procedure of washing equipment, devices and pipeline issues that have to deal with on a daily basis. At the same time the parameters of some equipment does not allow you to choose standard solutions in the field of cleaning.

We offer not only standard solutions in the field of cleaning and disinfection in automatic or manual mode, but developed together with the client and design department of our suppliers of solutions to meet the needs of a particular enterprise. Fully manual, semi-automatic and automatic systems, providing tools for process control, automatic valves, programmable user interface and touch panel for remote control or connection to a control panel - all these decisions satisfy the requirements of small, medium and large enterprises.


Maintaining the temperature of the solution during the wash cycle is a key factor for the completion of cleaning within a reasonable time. The CIP-washing systems provides the ability to control the flow temperature or the discharge of cleaning liquid that guarantees the achievement of the required temperature during the disinfection line.

In manual and automatic dosing systems of chemical agents used with the high-quality single head metering pumps, to ensure high resistance to corrosion and reliability. After each dosing The intake line is open water to remove residual chemicals. This provides a guarantee against crystallization, corrosion, or the possibility that the chemicals will react with each other inside the pump.

Dosing stations allow dispense drugs directly into the tanks with solutions («batch-type»), and the stream («in line»). Dosing controlled concentration sensor installed in the washing solution flow to effectively achieve the desired result dosing.

Each loop automatic CIP-cleaning flow rate is controlled by two washing solution flow meter mounted on one dispensing line, and the second - on the return line of cleaning solutions, for achieving an effective velocity and turbulence. Depending on the technology of washing and wishes of the customer, measuring the flow rate may be colorimetric or electromagnetic principle.

Comprehensive software meets the requirements of different customers to provide a standard washing process.


Circulation of the solution through the circulation tank (small outline) and heating in a plate heat exchanger in the flow ensures both flexibility washing and saving energy, water and detergents. Since Only the amount of hot solutions, which are used in the circuit for washing the respective objects. In addition, smaller tanks are used, which saves space and detergents (with replacement of solutions), and cleaning solutions stored at lower temperatures. Heating water for disinfection "hot water" in the small loop in the flow saves hot water tank and eliminates the risk of accumulation of thermostable bacteria (if hot water tank).

Control over the flow / consumption of detergents additionally saves energy, water and detergent, as each object is fed only the amount of cleaning solution or water, which is necessary to provide the necessary flow velocity in the pipeline, or the necessary pressure washing heads. This allows the operator (with a hint of the program) make the best choice of several objects sink. Having own metering pumps and sensors on the feed concentration of each circuit maintains a desired concentration in a small and a large circuit during the entire washing process, so preparatory step may be omitted.

Also available CIP-cleaning with the use of electro-valves (instead of the distribution panel with kalatches), controlled by a control unit that allows you to fully automate the process.

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