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Milk filling machine-1200 pack/hour M6-OP3E (7833)

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Автомат розлива молока-1200 пак/час М6-ОР3Е, фото 1

Автомат розлива молока-1200 пак/час М6-ОР3Е, фото 2

Автомат розлива молока-1200 пак/час М6-ОР3Е, фото 3

Автомат розлива молока-1200 пак/час М6-ОР3Е, фото 4


  • Machine type vertical, single lane
  • Output¹, packs/min 24
  • Dosing², l 0.25, 0.5, 1.0
  • Batch volumetric
  • Pack dimensions², mm
  • 0.25 l 110x150
  • 0.5 l 172x150
  • 1.0 l 255x150
  • Wrapping material polyethylene
  • roll external diameter, mm 320
  • roll width, mm 320
  • roll bushing diameter, mm 70
  • thickness, mm 0.09
  • Rated power input, kW up to 2.08
  • voltage, V 220/380
  • frequency, Hz 50
  • Air consumption, m³/h up to 50
  • Air presure, MPa 0.62
  • Water for cooling consumtion, m³/h up to 0.2
  • Dimensions, mm
  • width 1200
  • length (length with conveyor) 870
  • height 2560
  • Approx. weight, kg 500

¹ Subject to product, product consistency and volume

² Subject to model

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