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Cream separators OSB1-J5 1000 l/h (Plavsk Engineering Works)

Cream separators OSB1-J5 1000 l/h (Plavsk Engineering Works)

Cream separators OSB1-J5 1000 l/h (Plavsk Engineering Works)


Cream separators J5-OC2 - HC(e) with centrifugal automatic periodic discharge of sediment intended for separation of whole milk into cream and skim milk (skim ) with simultaneous cleaning of dirt , as well as normalization of milk.

Technical characteristics

Characteristic, parameter


Performance l/h

1. Cream cseparation and normalization 1000
2. When cleaning milk 1500
Rotational speed of the drum from the (r/min)  83±2(5000)
Engine power, kW 15
Overall dimensions, мм (2,5)
Length 1390
Width 1000
Height 1785
Mass, kg 1390

Operational characteristic

Characteristic, parameter


Regulation volumetric ratios:

Cream to skim milk 1:4 – 1:12
The outlet pressure of skim milk, atm, to 5,0
Pressure buffer water, atm least 2,5
Fatness skimmed Gerber, % 0,03


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