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Cream-separator G5-OS2-NS

Cream-separator Ж5-ОС2-НС(е) with centrifugal automatic periodic sediment unloading. It is assigned for separation of a full cream [whole] milk into cream and skim milk with the simultaneous cleaning of a dirt and for milk normalizing.

Cream-separator G5-OS2-NS


Characteristic of the parameter


Productivity, cubic decimeter/ per hour

1. During separation and normalization 10000
2. During milk cleaning 15000
Frequency of a bowl rotation of the separator, С-1 (rpm)  83±2(5000)
Motor capacity, kW 15
Overall dimensions, mm (2,5)
Length 1390
Weigth 1000
Height 1785
Mass, kg 1390


Characteristic of the parameter


Volume correlation control:

Cream to skim milk

1:4 – 1:12
Discharge pressure of skim milk 5,0
Buffer water pressure, not less than 2,5
Skim milk fat content according to Herbert, % 0,03

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