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Milk cleaner А1 ОЦМ 5

Milk cleaner А1 ОЦМ 5, image 1


Milk cleaner А1 ОЦМ 5 is assigned for continuous cleaning of a warm milk from dirt and milk mucus. It is used at SME of dairy industry. It may work in pasteurization-cooling plant. Separator may be used to clarify similar products in other branches of the industry.


Separator consists of driven bed, bowl, delivery device, cover, local control system, hydraulic system. Separator Construction: with a half-shut centrifugal periodic discharge of sludge. Raw product is supplied through delivery to a bowl and it fills spaces between plates, where it is cleaned. Under the influence of centrifugal force dirt and mucus settle on an inside wall of a bowl (in a mud space). Discharge of sludge is realized partially or fully in working condition of a separator in a predetermined time intervals under the influence of centrifugal force.

Time between discharges and duration of a discharge is set depending on actual milk muddiness. Cleaned milk goes to pressure chamber, where from it is discharged under the influence of pressure disk in closed pipes into production supply pipeline. Discharge of cleaned milk is equipped with a manometer and throttle for control. Separator may be switched into the wash without disassemble. Work of the separator, its discharge and wash is controlled by local control system automatically.


  • Bowl, delivery device,
  • cover with sludge receiver made of stainless steel
  • Driven bed (made of steel or aluminium), covered with epoxy enamel or sheet stainless steel.


Features Value
Productivity liter/ per hour 5000
Maximum diameter of the bowl, mm 405
Frequency of a bowl rotation of the separator, rpm 6500
Electric motor with a capacity 5 kW 5
Frequency of a rotation, rpm 1500
Separation temperature, ºС 35...40
Discharge pressure of a milk, bar to 3


Features Value
Net weight, kg 505
Gross weight, kg 590
Packing box, mm 1440х1080х1210

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