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Separator Baktofuge Alfa Laval BMPRX 618 HGV-25000

Separator Baktofuge Alfa Laval BMPRX 618 HGV-25000, photo 1

Separator Baktofuge Alfa Laval BMPRX 618 HGV-25000, photo, scheme

Separator Baktofuge Alfa Laval BMPRX 618 HGV-25000, photo 3


  • Process is going on in hermetic space without access for air
  • Periodic discharge of a bactofugit
  • Automatc discharge от hard phase
  • Constructive operation for disassemble wash
  • Separator – main units:
    Electric motor 25 kW
    Tool set
    Flow meter
  • Gadget of a permanent pressure at the discharge
    Control system
  • Motor starter 25 kW
  • Spare parts set for 2000 work hours
  • Documentation


  • Productivity liter/ per hour 25 000
  • Connection: Input 63.5 mm
  • Discharge of Bactofuge 63.5 mm
  • Milk discharge 51 mm
  • Electric motor 25kilowatt, 50/60 Hz, 380/660 V
  • Rotary axis speed, rpm 4 265
  • Volume of sludge 17 litres
  • Water: operate water to 1 l/s with 1-2 litres for discharge
  • Washout water 15-25 l for discharge
  • Air: 300 kPa, 500 kPa
  • Input pressure: max 600 kPa
  • Discharge pressure: 400 kPa


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