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Cutter LASKA 330 Vakuum, id:7900

  • Machinery body: solid construction made of stainless st eel with closed foundation bed with filter air system and and control device
  • Central lubrication: is included into supply.
  • Cutters' cap: implementation depends on the product: solid construction, made of stainless steel, hydraulically-operated
  • Degassing hood: Hydraulically operated made of stainless steel with slot of addition.
  • Vacuum automation: including vacuum pump 250 m3 per hour
  • Cutters rotary speed: 2 (KU и KUX: infinitely variable control, 4 freely-programmable maintained speed
  • Rate of stirring: one speed forward (KU и KUX: back to front continuously rated)
  • Sickle head: "FL": type made of light alloy, balanceable, with 6th cutters FL of KE и KR types; ; FLT for KT, KU и KUX types; stretching device of turning moment
  • Cutter's bowl: made of stainless steel, with infinite speed rate of rotation control , 4 freely-programmable maintained speed.
  • Unloader: hydraulically-turned from right side, including infinitely variable control of rotation rate.
  • System of Electrocontrol: with microprocessor control SPS, control system at stored program, built-indistribution cabinet, (KU.AC и KUX.AC detachable distribution cabinet ), main switch, membrane keyboard with open text indication with protective coating from water splashes..

Cutter LASKA 330 Vakuum, photo 1

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