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Separator for blood A1-ASB (M150808)

The separator for blood marks A1-ASB is to separate the blood of farm animals (cattle, pigs) on the plasma (serum) and forming elements after stabilization (defibration) of blood.

The separator is of semiclosed type with manual periodic discharge of sediment. Scope - meat industry

Separator for blood A1-ASB (M150808)

The principle of operation of the separator for blood marks A1-ASB:

The separator consists of a drive mechanism, the drum, the supply of communication with the device sealing, communications plasma, formed elements of communication. Incoming product comes into the tapered space under tzrelkoderzhatel where mezhtarelochnyh gaps is separated into plasma and its corpuscles.

The plasma is more easily moves to the center of the drum and further through the central tube output chamber and enters into the process piping. Shaped elements heavier, move to the periphery of the drum and into delivery unit. Neotseparirovannaya blood and part of the formed elements as the most difficult, move to the periphery of the drum and are deposited in gryazeeom space. Discharge of sediment is done manually after stopping the drum.

The frequency of the discharge depends on the actual contamination of the product. Materials: Drum receiver-output device, the cover of the separator - Stainless steel.

Technical characteristics of the separator for blood marks A1 ABS:

  • Productivity: 650 dm3 / h.
  • Bowl speed: 6500 r / min.
  • Yield as % of plasma starting material:
    - Blood Pigs 66 - 88;
    - For the blood of cattle 68 - 70.
  • Motor:
    - The engine power of 5.5 kW,
    - 380 V;
    - Engine speed of 1500 rev / min.

Shipping data:

  • Net weight: 630 kg.
  • Gross weight: 774 kg.
  • Dimensions:
    - Length 850 mm;
    - Width 550 mm;
    - The height of 1430 mm.

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