«PROMF» Industry Group
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Supplier of equipments for food industry
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Industrial group PROMF regularly purchase

Buy the time:

  • separators of all types of food and industrial use
  • complete line: ice cream, cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt, condensed milk and powdered milk
  • melted cheese, tomato paste, juice, chocolate, toffee, mayonnaise, bread,
  • production of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, refrigeration equipment, machines
  • containers for the food industry, tanks, reactors

Buy urgently:

  • wrapping machines for candy, sweets, toffee, chocolate EU4, EU8, EL9, EU5, EU7, EF2, EL5, EL2, EF4, ED10, EW5, EV1 (NAGEMA)
  • manufacturer of cheese Closed for 5000 liters
  • Automatic filling of melted cheese in foil M6-AGC
  • Automatic packaging for cheese M6-ART
  • Alfa laval separator or Westfalia