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ISO 22004: Key Takeaways for the Food and Beverage Industry

ISO 22004: Key Takeaways for the Food and Beverage Industry

ISO 22000 defines the overall guidelines for helping food and beverage manufacturers implement a Food Safety Management System (FSMS). But with so much confusing terminology within the standard, many organizations were unsure whether they were implementing the FSMS correctly.

Now, the international standards body is providing additional guidance to help food safety professionals better understand how to implement ISO 22000 in their organizations. While the new standard doesn’t create any new requirements, it does aim to clear up some potentially confusing terms.

6 Helpful Tips for Choosing an FSMS Vendor

6 Helpful Tips for Choosing an FSMS Vendor

If you’re looking to implement an automated FSMS, you’re probably looking for a solution that comes pre-configured to address the requirements of HACCP, ISO 22000 and the GFSI-benchmarked schemes.

But beyond standards and compliance, what other key characteristics should you look for? We’ve compiled 6 tips to help guide the selection process.

K+G Wetter unveils angle grinder

K G Wetter unveils angle grinder strict

Meat processing machinery company K+G Wetter has launched a cutter-mixer that can process up to 190kg of meat and is easy to clean.

The E 130mm/G 160 machine is a cut above its predecessor. The German-made machine boosts a wider-than-usual opening to its mixing chamber, allowing users to easily reach into the machine to clean it or top up the meat supply, meaning less downtime.

Alfa Laval wins $15m starch processing deal

Alfa Laval wins $15m starch processing deal

Alfa Laval has won a SEK 100m ($15m) order to supply equipment to a Russian processing plant, to be completed in 2014.

The deal, booked in the Process Industry segment, includes separators, decanters, heat exchangers, evaporators and fluid handling products, to create a process line for extracting starch and gluten from wheat for production of sweeteners and animal feed additives.

New Rules from the FDA on Food Safety


t's a new year, and with it comes new and exciting challenges.  Have you ever got that feeling when you come back from vacation and you missed something, then you scour the Internet and speak to colleagues about what you missed, and desperately try to wrap your head around what's going on?

I got that feeling when I jumped into my inbox and saw this: "FDA Offers Broad New Rules to Fight Food Contamination".

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